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You can search for either horses or owners. To search for horses, you can enter criteria in all fields; if you are searching for owners, only the owner name and state will be used. You may leave fields blank, and most of the fields will accept partial input (for example, part of a horse's name). Once you've filled in the desired criteria, click either the 'View Horses' to view all the horses that match your search, or press 'View Owners' to display the owners that match the name and/or state you specified.

 The meaning of each of the fields is as follows:

Additional Search Tips

HHAA horse names begin with the appropriate division prefix:
  • Felver = H. (the period must be included)
  • Sportlo = HS
  • Fajta = HPB
  • Some historical horses have Hungarian or Hungarian Sportlo spelled out rather than the abbreviated initials.
  • Countess Gyurky horses start with a 'M.' prefix - they are the only exception.
  • Imported horses may have an asterisk '*' in front of their name.
HHAA registration numbers must be entered exactly as per the registration certificate
  • Felver = no prefix
  • Sportlo = HSnumber, no space between prefix and number
  • Fajta = HPBnumber, no space between prefix and number